The Big Red Truck Company

61040 - AD Standard Hitch

$389.00 - Shipping included

1947-1954 Chevy & GMC 3/4 Ton Truck

The 61040 Hitch combines the appeal of a discrete towing solution with the ability to tow larger trailers that would not normally work with a bumper hitch or a flat bar hitch. The 61040 is ideal for classic truck enthusiasts looking for a solution to pull their larger utility trailer, vintage boat or retro camper. 

Hidden Application
The 61040 has been designed to be nearly invisible to the onlooker when not towing a trailer. The design positions the receiver hitch between the rear frame rails seated right below the bed. The hitch has been designed to be used with a roll-pan or without a rear bumper. If the owner likes the look of a rear bumper, the design allows for the use of a 1954 rear bumper. The 1954 rear bumper has a depression that dips down low enough allowing for perfect access to the receiver tube. The use of an original 1947 – 1953 rear bumper would not allow enough room between the bed and the top of the bumper for a receiver to extend without modification. Additionally, if a receiver hitch was desired with an original 1947-1954 rear bumper, the hitch would be so low to the ground it would nearly drag and be visible to any onlooker. 

Direct Bolt-On Application
The 61040 Hitch was designed with the installer in mind. The installation uses the original bumper bracket mounting holes in the frame. The installation is as easy as removing the bumper and loosening the nuts that mount the bed, lifting the bed and sliding the hitch into the frame rails. Once it is in place, lower the bed, tighten the bed mounting nuts and install the provided hardware through the bumper bracket mounting holes. If a bumper is being used simply put the bumper bracket on the outside of the frame and insert hardware to bolt both the brackets and hitch to the frame together. Modification may be needed for installation with a roll-pan. 

Superior Construction and Finish
The 61040 Hitch uses high quality ¼” thick steel tubing and plate, and is cut to fit perfectly. All welds are checked and certified by a licensed welder after assembly.  To provide superior life, the hitch is coated with a high quality black paint.